Waterproof 1000 Watt Battery Generator CHEAP & Solar Power Station – Montek X-1000 Review

Waterproof 1000 Watt Power Station & Solar Generator – Montek X-1000

Backup power or power your next expedition. First ever, tough, water resistent power station, solar & battery generator! I test EVERYTHING Power quality, water resistance, battery capacity & more so you can be sure to get what you pay for. If Hummer made a generator this would be it!

This Kickstarter is over. But a fantastic alternative is the Jackery 1000
available now:

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  1. Do I have to have the power button "on" if I'm just AC charging the unit…? I um…just got my Montek 1000…🤔🙄

  2. На видео другой модели а на амазон ссылка другой , обманывают

  3. What is the way to store this unit? Can it be stored on end with the handle up rather then flat on the ground ? I heard or read somewhere that it must be stored flat.

  4. 2 months? It took 9 months for mine to arrive. Lol. Do you think it's okay to operate the unit both while it's standing on end and when it's laying down (so that you can read the display properly)? Or is it better one way than the other?

  5. I received mine last week and have been testing it to charge my Sur Ron Light Bee electric motorcycle. It performs well and since it has pass through charging I am pushing solar through it as I charge my bike. It's a great unit and will allow me to charge my bike while out in the desert. Prior to this I was using a Goal Zero Yeti 1000 and I find this a much better buy.

  6. Thanks for your review! But I want to know: does it have a maximum capacity of only 78000mAh? Why is it so big then?

  7. I just got shipping update that these are on the way. Pretty quick for a crowd funding item.

  8. hi. May I know the name of the tool that you used in the video to open the inner cover of the generator when you showed the battery inside and where I can but one. Can you also show me where I can purchase the power adapter that can be used for decreasing the charge time at AC outlet? Incidentally, can I use this generator for powering my freezer or refrigerator? I await your reply.

  9. I know someone who has a $500 unit….she absolutely loves it. Any news on when they will be on the market?

  10. Love the size and look of this! Have been looking at the bluetti 500 watt. But the briefcase style is bomb!

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