What can you run on a 100W Solar Panel?

What can you run on a single 100W Solar Panel?
Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Conversion.

Working backwards from a single 100W monocrystalline solar panel we work out how much power that will generate during a single day to see what devices we will be able to use in our van.
For our example this worked out to be 231Wh of power.

We go on to size the correct AGM deep cycle leisure battery to go with the 100W Solar Panel and arrive at a single 90Ah battery.

To select a suitable charge controller you simply take the rated output of the panel and divide by the nominal voltage of the battery. So 100W / 12V = 8.33 Amps. Therefore a 10A solar charge controller will do the job and will typically have a power range up to 130W for 12V system.

I have designed a solar panel mounting system that allows me to tilt the panel at different angles to match the position of the sun.
Sprinter Campervan solar tracking roof mount system.

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  1. To select a suitable charge controller you simply take the rated output of the panel and divide by the nominal voltage of the battery. So 100W / 12V = 8.33 Amps. Therefore a 10A solar charge controller will do the job and will typically have a power range up to 130W for 12V system.

  2. You are so good at explaining this stuff. You are a great teacher. By the way I bought a couple of e books, Nate Murphy and van dog , and would buy yours if you did one.

  3. Hi, I have an 80w 12V solar panel, a 26ah battery and a small inverter…can it work for a computer? Thanks!

  4. GREAT VIDEO GREG! Thank you! I have about 3500 solar panels (30watt) for trickle charging motorcycle sized batteries we use for our lightning prediction warning horns and strobes if there’s no place to mount them for a/c.
    A 52-54 degree angle for solar panels is without question a difference maker. Especially in the winter when the sun is lower and there’s less of it. My solar panels for work are stationary, so this is easy, but if you have the ability to point your solar panel(s) a southwest direction to aim them. Our little batteries are $125 we charge our customers, and we should get 5-7 years out of them. When one of the batteries die before 5 years the first thing I check is the volts directly from the solar panel. (They never go bad. Maybe 2 bad panels over 8 years and over 3000 of them) If there’s an error it’s either the angle or the direction the panel is facing.
    I’m going trying to convert a cargo trailer from generator to solar power.
    Your video was a great help on figuring out what I can charge or run while working at a remote site without power for 6 or 8 hours. (Drill batteries, circular saw, a couple of small fans inside and the usual cellphone charging)

  5. This video is like a tresaure for me. I was looking for a video like that, finally find it, and its a 12 minutes only!!!
    Thank you sir 😀

  6. Just got here to see this SUPERB video, which got my finishing up details …… maximized…. to have an optimized system! THANK YOU very much!

  7. Good vid that Greg, I was hoping it would carry on to how using a 300w inverter would affect things with that setup.

  8. so what if you wanna watch tv and use a hair dryer boil a jug does that mean a bigger solar power bigger battery and bigger solar charge controller? if so what would I need for all of that? thanks in advance for your reply

  9. I'm new. I've only seen two of your videos. I love your calm demeanor and how thorough you are. You have a subscriber out of me.

  10. On a camper van install the biggest battery bank you can afford. One 220v shore charger, one 150Ah engine alternator, as many solar panels as possible. imagine a water tank, the bigger it is the more water you can use over a longer time.

  11. Certified Photovoltaic / Solar Thermal Technician here. i loved my classes back in the day. wish this is what they should've started instead of months into it. this tutorial cuts thru the chase, goes straight to the jugular. well done i Like, OLE'!

  12. I'm not sure if I missed it, but what about facing the panels towards the sun? All that talk about tilt angle and no mention of following the sun – just as important

  13. So Greg, I have been restoring a 1992 Renault Trafic. I have enough room just about for 2 leisure batts in sequence, and I wanna power basically a laptop a small sound system from the CD player from the van itself a small microwave oven. Do you think the 160w panel you featured in your other video, will be good enough? Or shall I double up TWO of these?

  14. Hi Greg, can I ask some advice please. I'm building a SWB camper van and going to fit a 120w solar with a controller. We just want to charge phones, tablets etc and run some led lights etc, what system would you recommend and what type of battery ? Thanks so much.

  15. You can also add a dc to dc charger . I know this is an older vidio and now dc to dc charger is a good price. Here in the US 2o amp charger is about 120 for a renerergy.

  16. sorry dude i have no idea still what your talking about. Im new to all this but thanks for the video

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