What can you run on a 100W Solar Panel?

What can you run on a single 100W Solar Panel?
Mercedes Sprinter Campervan Conversion.

Working backwards from a single 100W monocrystalline solar panel we work out how much power that will generate during a single day to see what devices we will be able to use in our van.
For our example this worked out to be 231Wh of power.

We go on to size the correct AGM deep cycle leisure battery to go with the 100W Solar Panel and arrive at a single 90Ah battery.

To select a suitable charge controller you simply take the rated output of the panel and divide by the nominal voltage of the battery. So 100W / 12V = 8.33 Amps. Therefore a 10A solar charge controller will do the job and will typically have a power range up to 130W for 12V system.

I have designed a solar panel mounting system that allows me to tilt the panel at different angles to match the position of the sun.
Sprinter Campervan solar tracking roof mount system.

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