What Happens to Solar Panels When it Snows?

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You might be wondering how solar panels hold up in snow. They do an amazing job (I think) at warming up and letting that snow slide right off. One thing I didn’t really expect was how shocking the avalanches are! #DIYsolar #solar #solarpanels

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  1. It’s good to see how solar energy works but it’s also good to know where the materials used to build them are coming from and in which condition we’re getting them
    Drcongo provides 60% of the world materials used for solar energy including electrical transportation
    But in which condition we get those materials?
    Millions of people already died from conflicts caused by army groups sponsored by multinational companies with complicity of the so called powerful nations
    Are we going to stay quiet and let those innocent people being killed just because we want to drive a nice car or having electricity in house ?
    We all concerned about what it’s going on right now in east of Congo
    Take time to think how you love your family and the pain you would have you to loose your love one
    Me and you we can give hope to those people who have been rejected and killed for no reason

  2. My mom has solar. She found out when it snowed the panels pushed into the roof causing damages as the panels pushed through the roofing material. One needs to make sure the timber holding the roof is enough for a given weight or that solar can become a roofing nightmare after one winter. Most installers want nothing to do with the home after installation. Most inspectors do not actually inspect the project.

  3. If you put risers under the top of your panels making the slope of the solar panel array steeper than your roof there would also be less risk of snow block out.

  4. As a 16 year old this is very informative! i like this kind of stuff. it helps me to make a tough decision of what I'm gonna take in college between Electrical/Aerospace/Mechatronics Engineering.

    Anyway, i have a question sir, from that 2 days without electricity produced how did you power up your house? do you have a battery which is capable of restoring the excess energy for later? or you are still connected to City's post line? thank you.

    Sorry for my English

  5. Oh the ubiquitous split level ranch. Love it! That is the go to standard house of 1980s New England. Growing up in the Boston suburbs, 7/10 of my friends lived in that style house.

  6. well, here in canada quebec city winter is cold ( -25 c ) so snow on solar panel stay, we have to clean them.

  7. You would think they could design a solar panel which had snow melt elements built into it, maybe at the leading edge of the panel where it seems to stick. Reversing the power feed could simply switch to power elements and cause the chain reaction snowball avalanche effect in a few hours rather than 5 days.

  8. good video. i cant go days with zero input, i am off grid in nothern indiana. i ground mounted mine and plan to knock that snow off asap. if i was the uploaded i would get a taller ladder, and maybe extend the handle of a push broom, like he said in the video, you really just need to get the process started.

  9. Conversely, have you noticed a decline in your AC bills? I assume the umbrella effect over the entire south-facing portion of your roof, with an airspace in between, should significantly reduce the heat transfer into your living space.

  10. Something you didn't mention that people should consider is electricity cost. It is worth it more in places electricity is more expensive. Where you live has super cheap electricity and it was still worth it as you did almost everything yourself but if electricity is not as cheap, you might be able to save more even if you pay someone to do the work for you. PS: San Diego has the most expensive electricity in the mainland US (Hawaii beats it). So people here should definitely consider solar lol. A lot of houses are starting to get solar but a lot of people are still against the idea for some reason. It pays off so much more quickly than in almost every other place in the US.

  11. Thank you, that answers one of my questions about solar in the winter. Yes, looking over the free PDF book about solar? I already thinking of the cost-plus pro/con of solar?

  12. Get a longer pole and just clear two feet of snow at the bottom. Will remove snow faster….also should reduce avalanche effect…

  13. What about the gap under the solar panels. It seems to me this may cause animal problems. Looks like a good place for shelter.

  14. Fantastic presentation. I am definitely considering it again after being let down by the tesla prices. 🤔

  15. I have solar panels and when the snow comes off, it is an avalanche. While the snow is on the panels, there is zero solar production, as the sun's rays don't penetrate through the snow. But once it gets bright enough to move that snow, "Look out below!"
    I was shoveling my driveway, right below the panels, and a big section came down right at my back. If I didn't know better, I would swear somebody threw a huge snowball at my back.

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