What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels?

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  1. Infinite money exists. It's called Jeff Besos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. Get angry, because the guys in power take vacations in spaceships instead of actually do something good for humanity like this.

  2. Cleaning the panels is not a problem with modern automation. A mechanical system could be installed to lift the panels to the surface if they get buried in sand, then shift the panel upside down and make them vibrate to remove sand. And it all could be controlled remotely.

  3. Actually the sahara will green up in future anyway because of warming the world the tropical conversion zone will move further north. Same time the Mediterranean area will become desert.

  4. The morocco plant is financed by some european companies. They try different techniques. The pilot plant to this one was in spain. Today morocco gets electricity by cable from spain to top the own needs. Morocco is also very good with wind energy. They look forward to export energy in future.
    the molten salt energy storage is meant to get the steam turbines run 24/7. You need enough ground water for that.
    I think the molten salt power storage with steam turbines works better by using the infrastructure of old coal plants. Just add the molten salt storage and use it as battery for night time and low wind times.

  5. LOL. Largest solar plant in Africa will be selling their clean energy to Europe. The rest of Africa will need to keep pumping out fossil fuels so Europe can stand on their soap box.
    Build a nuke plant by the coast. Fresh drinking water and completely clean renewable energy problems solved.

  6. u r absolutely wrong about Africa Sahara,from a Saharian I'll tell u this:
    our Sahara is not a uniform surface, at all it's formed from different regions ,even so u can find cold places and other equatorial.
    second about clouds,no sometimes the sun is obstructed by a lot clouds ,send or normal ones so about energy meh…
    and finally the music in the background is not ours ,so stop stigmatized.

  7. You are going on one way think about maintenance and solar panels getting covered with dust and loosing effeciency and for removing dust and wind causing damage requires water and lots of money.

  8. There's a lot of things that make this project competely imposible :
    – This would take millions of permanant workers to run correctly but there's no water and food for them and the high heat would make working here verry hard
    -Solar panels only last few decades before they die so we'll have to replace them often and it will generate an unbelivable amount of waste and co2
    – The efficiency of the electricty production will be highly reduces because the terrain simply isn't flat and because there will be energy loss in the 10 000km long cables or so that will conduct the energy to somewhere else

  9. this is an amazing idea, i would not say cover the WHOLE Saharan desert with solar panels but definitely part of it. It doesn't involve cutting down trees, and also is an envoirmentally friendly way for electricity

  10. Why go hard on all this technology when we could enhance the planets free energy nikola Tesla was doing check it out

  11. I live in Algeria which right next to Morocco but it's way larger than Morocco. Our government was contacted by that German company to create such farms in the Algerian Sahara which is the biggest, but our corrupt officials stoped the negotiations and cancelled all communication with them six years ago and never made any effort to develop our own solar panels.

  12. You need at least a few more 1000 additive colefired powerplants to produce the panels, and have to replace them every 15 or 20 years. This eviromental abuse is bigger as the "solution", very hypocrit and total ineffective. And also in the Sahara the sun is down for a great piece of the 24 hours a day at the time you need the power the most. But this is about money, subsidizings, taxplunderings in political correctness. Andaluz are many so called suntowers. Not older then 12 years, HUGE expensive, and the amount of towers out of busyness is numerous as the subsidize money is IN! A LOT of money is going to the moral fake "initiators", all climate-bilionaires…..

  13. Connect it up to a pneumatic system that blows a focused jet of air over the surface several times a day

  14. Wooooooooooooow. So instead of helping the rest of the countries in Africa theyre selling the power to Europe. Im honestly fucking angry right now

  15. Humanity wouldnt stupidly deplete their oil on powering bread toasters and actually save some for propulsion rockets and securing humanity's future in space

  16. Shows nothing but parabolic mirrors and molten salt solar towers and immediately jumps into regular inefficient/limited lifespan solar panels.

    We'd have to replace all of the solar panels in an area the size of New Mexico every 5 years (less after the sandstorms)…that'll save the environment for sure.

  17. This is how we create a death ray. We place millions of mirrors in the desert and boom, we can make a death star.

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