What is Solar Energy?

This video gives a simple but compelling introduction to solar energy. Did you know that all of the energy we use comes from the sun,? You probably know that’s true for solar panels, but the sun is also the ultimate source for energy generated by wind, water, and fossil fuels. Watch this video to learn more about renewable sources of energy and more!



  1. I'm 17 Yrs and I'll become Scientist & Inventor 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
    I've been saying to my father that we can take energy from sun and store it in renewable fuel material, instead of searching for fossil fuels and even entering wars between nations for it!

  2. The answer to solar and wind turbines is that they are now unnecessary. We now have the ultimate and cheapest green power device with none of these problems, in the SAFIRE GENERATOR. This is what we need to negate all the problems of all competing green energies. It produces almost costless electricity and therefore hydrogen from new FUSION NUCLEAR and is now immediately upon us. We have recently taken a new step to advance the physic of medium temperature plasma fusion power production by enabling chemistry of the atomic nucleus, or "nuchemy" in the newest FUSION NUCLEAR POWER technology. We are passing the chemistry level where we interacted with the atomic electron shells and are moving on to manipulations in this "NUCHEMY" atomic nuclear era when we interact and multiply nuclear protons. We have rediscovered the lost work of the alchemists and can make new elements with different atomic weights. This was ably demonstrated in "THE SAFIRE PROJECT". Quanta are important. We now have enough energy to manipulate the atomic nucleus much more easily by creating a compartment, or what is a local region of plasma containment so reactions at this atomic nuclear level can easily take place. This is about to practically enabled a really fantastic and cheap new era of energy production for the whole of mankind. This with hydrogen, so free fuel obtained from water or atmospheric moisture anywhere in the world. This new fusion nuclear SAFIRE GENERATOR is at the industrial commercial production final development point as of now and it can retrofit older and decommissioned power plants. The energy argument and other power methodologies are all now virtually irrelevant as we have new and very physically and economically powered practical and local community level fusion nuclear power. Solar roof plus Teslawall battery may be the present way to go domestically but megapack batteries and multiple storage technologies interconnected with an expanded ugly grid have a less certain requirement when you consider new any-scale community based and 24 hr reliable and self-fueling fusion nuclear in the form of the "SAFIRE REACTOR". Learn all about it at "AUREON ENERGY.COM". Then learn the newer EU Theory and plasma physics at "THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT.COM" and you will be permanently reeducated with this advanced newer EU theory that will allow you to understand more about the astrophysics of our whole universe and all within and you will be more informed and can teach your peers.

  3. *There's so many "god I had to see this for my topic" but I really need it for my technology class qwq

  4. @SciToon why is everyone saying god I had to see this for my topic with a space in-between I and had

  5. we have a debate in school and im on the solar power group but im literally gonna cry bc i havent gotten anything done

  6. Still 1%, the goal of solar energy is to match fossil fuels(but more expensive), when we could just use nuclear and surpass fossil fuels. It's almost like solar energy has a cult following , if you want to help the planet don't be religious be scientific.

  7. Solar and windmills are a scam. They are unnatural. It places extra stress on your roof! It is unreliable. It is expensive. You save nothing, in fact, you spend more. Go with natural gas, reliable, cheap, environmentally friendly and most of all – it is all NATURAL. No refining, No additives, just out of the ground and delivered to you for a cheaper price. The infrastructure is already in place.

  8. Pros:
    Maximum renewable energy provider
    Has a massive impact if used more commonly
    Helps climate change
    Mid cheap
    Some city's or countrys don't have much sunlight
    Make it more efficient
    Ur welcome

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