Why aren't we only using solar power? – Alexandros George Charalambides

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Solar power is cheaper and more sustainable than our current coal-fueled power plants, so why haven’t we made the switch? The real culprits here are the clouds, which make solar power difficult to control. Alexandros George Charalambides explains how solar towers and panels create electricity and how scientists are trying to create a system that can function even under cloud cover.

Lesson by Alexandros George Charalambides, animation by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC.


  1. Was that motion stop (?) animation?? It must've taken a lot of work to make those shots 🤯 but also I love how the lesson answered my questions

  2. So what ur saying is, we need to invest in technology to store solar energy, then it wouldnt be such a problem with cost, like one of your videos is about new technologies being more expensive at start but gets cheaper when development is well funded

  3. You know what stores energy? Batteries? No, not Tesla Battery grid. A pumped storage is basically a big battery. How about we rely on proven technology rather than fossil fuels

  4. Make tons of sattelite designed to get power from the sun or equipped with solar panels, now you won't problem the clouds😂
    It might be expensive but it will save you coal power

  5. This OLD video was linked from a new video…. This video needs to be replaced. There has been much development in panels and battery storage technology and this old video send the wrong message.

  6. Why not just depend on other renewable sources too like if it's sunny then solar plants and once it get cloudy and clouds come there would be flying turbines to produce electricity

  7. Clouds always change. And like you mentioned, solar isn’t consistent. I was also told, and this could have changed and my knowledge is limited, solar isn’t as strong as coal or whatever else we use

  8. If it storms, we still have wind and running water to make electrical energy. The only hurdle in the way is it's cost. Let's hope the government will make it cheaper and accessible.

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