Why Transparent Solar Panels Are The Future

A visionary new technology wants to upend the way we power society by harvesting solar energy from windows on your home, the windscreen of your car, and even from the screen of your smartphone.

Transparent solar panels offer a clear solution to the problem of where to put new photovoltaic cells. The plan is architects going forwards can simply coat the next generation of skyscrapers with high-tech panes of this groovy generative glass.


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  1. Well, you can thank Guterres folks in Bonn and No10 for the Glasgow fuck up. Never heard of a COP where the hackathon happens a year before the actual COP. And I co-organized with Geneva-Idiot and the other chap the largest two in Marrakesh.

  2. Yes .. It's the reason I change my mind about blue and white Vision.. I have to apologize to some friend of mine international of fighting for your colors culture.. Even my father's they was absolutely right..

  3. Graphene interlayer all glass building are the future – roof walls and floors footings : everything. Solar smelted & recycled. Fireproof, hail impact proof, performing PV computing display climate control lighting all from the glass.

  4. I said this 20 years ago. If we could replace all of the windows in the skyscrapers throughout the world with solar panels that you could see through, they could power themselves. I hope this happens.

  5. Imagine all cars, yachts, cellphones, buildings and houses are generated by transparent solar panels. And that's what you call "What a wonderful world?"

  6. The only major issue with Solar panels is the large amount of space it takes to install one especially in housing units. Thats the area, researchers need to deal with along with the efficiency ofcourse.

  7. So..
    They're less effective than solar panels..
    And you're going to pisition them like windows?
    I mean, even solar panels are positioned to maximized sun light exposure.

  8. Because the new hydrophilic surfaces can self clean and create a charge in the water or air… I also theryse in space… water molecules change into H3O2 and separate charges, and partials filtering air and water even desalination. Battery solar combo… what is coming out is going to change everything

  9. My 2 cents, every time I see such hopeful tech, the draw back is ALWAYS will be how much it cost from the RICH ppl who own that tech will have everyone and the Planet will have to pay for it. Hints why a lot of those amazing future tech goes no where, they are wasting time to think of a plan to max profit instead of a better world. Improvement that are driven by money will always be slow if at all come into the market.

    Greedy lot don't like the masses to have any values, so until this glass solar tech its as cheap as wall tiles and last in the 50 years range is not going to happen. We could have that version but you know the greedy lots not going to have that oh no, just like all hopeful techs that I seen.

    Like all tech until its on my window its not REAL but vapor ware, its really hard to cheer for a tech when it never materialize as an option like right now while I'm still alive? At the end of the day we need it this tech yesterday, but by the time is even a thing its already a pipe dream.

  10. Did anyone STOP to THINK that so much energy from the sun will cause COMBUSTION on the Earth 🤔 We will definitely DESTROY OURSELVES!!!

  11. The solar panels also has to have the lifespan similar or greater than it's building, otherwise swapping it out every dacade would be a pain, and not to mention, expensive.

  12. honestly this group think crap
    is annoying.
    don’t tell me how i should live my life
    i have my own world to go through
    and not going to copy YOU

  13. 2:52 "It's transparent luminescent solar concentrator takes the form of a spectrally selective polyvinyl butyral interlayer . . ." Hey, hey, hey, women and children are watching this video. Let's keep it clean.

  14. Corporations will make billions from it before the ordinary serf can reap any benefits. Bigger yachts for the elites, maybe with solar panel glass too.

  15. Actually, Heat shields and Solar panels will be invisible!, Solar panels should be noticed but (Heat shields) should be a Magnetically charged field of power surrounding the Hull of the exterior of the ship as a protective blanket to protect everything behind or underneath it to protect the exposed areas!,.✨

  16. But a window requires more energy for heating and cooling than that window can generate by solar? Does it not make more sense to omit windows in this type of architecture and light the enteriour by LEDs? It will also make construction of the building a lot cheaper and less resource demanding and leave room on the outside for proper solar panels. While the idea is appealing, the execution is no more than a dubious bandaid on the entrepeneurs dark consiousness. Energy efficient buildings have as as few and as small windows as possible. Nothing justifies the conventional glass tower type building.

  17. How much does it cost per Watt, compared to 'regular', opaque solar-panels? Cost is a huge consideration.

  18. Poor sun angle, dont work at night or under clouds. 60% of the building is in shade. Big money for suppliers, 25% efficiency max. I dont think it would provide $$$hit to power a huge building . 60% are ENTIRLY USELESS ALL THE TIME.
    Whatta joke. Is this another ELONMUSH INVENTION?

  19. No one system is the solution, and reminds me of a saying, which is how we should look at renewable energy sources.
    "Many little raindrops make a big puddle."

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