Why YOU should get SOLAR PANELS for GPU mining! (Profitability explained)

In this video I go through why investing in solar panels can be a great way of increasing you crypto mining profitability. I start by explaining briefly just how solar panels actually work profitability-wise, and why that makes sense for GPU mining. Basically, since after you’ve paid for them, they provide you with free power, and this is electricity you would have otherwise had to pay your power company for, they practically start making you money after they’ve paid themselves off. I then go through some common misconceptions about solar power and explain why they are actually not true. I then show you a solar panel profitability calculator that I built. This solar panel calculator shows you how much power you will be able to generate per year, and how much money you will save from it. I then compare this profitability with if you would have spent your solar panel money on GPUs for mining instead. Would you have made more money mining crypto on those GPUs or is solar panels more worth it? After watching this video I hope you will have answers to the questions: Are solar panels worth it? Does solar power work without much sun? Is solar power profitable for homes?

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00:00 Are solar panels worth it for home GPU miners?
01:03 Are solar panels profitable? How can solar power make money?
01:49 What affects profitability? Are solar panels worth it with no sun?
02:20 Should you get solar panels even if they don’t cover your full energy usage?
02:45 How long do solar panels last? Will they pay themselves off before they break?
03:16 Solar panel calculator, figure out if solar power is worth it for you
05:30 How much power does solar panels produce?
05:42 How much money can you save with solar panels?
07:01 You don’t need to live in a sunny place for solar panels to be worth it
07:46 Solar panel calculation formula explained
09:18 Solar panel calculator used on 4 real life solar power setups
12:22 Should you get solar panels or GPUs for mining? What is more profitable?
13:29 Solar panels for mining Ethereum or FLUX explained
14:24 How many GPUs can you buy instead of solar panels?
18:29 What affects profitability for mining GPUs vs solar panels?

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