Why YOU should get SOLAR PANELS for GPU mining! (Profitability explained)

In this video I go through why investing in solar panels can be a great way of increasing you crypto mining profitability. I start by explaining briefly just how solar panels actually work profitability-wise, and why that makes sense for GPU mining. Basically, since after you’ve paid for them, they provide you with free power, and this is electricity you would have otherwise had to pay your power company for, they practically start making you money after they’ve paid themselves off. I then go through some common misconceptions about solar power and explain why they are actually not true. I then show you a solar panel profitability calculator that I built. This solar panel calculator shows you how much power you will be able to generate per year, and how much money you will save from it. I then compare this profitability with if you would have spent your solar panel money on GPUs for mining instead. Would you have made more money mining crypto on those GPUs or is solar panels more worth it? After watching this video I hope you will have answers to the questions: Are solar panels worth it? Does solar power work without much sun? Is solar power profitable for homes?


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00:00 Are solar panels worth it for home GPU miners?
01:03 Are solar panels profitable? How can solar power make money?
01:49 What affects profitability? Are solar panels worth it with no sun?
02:20 Should you get solar panels even if they don’t cover your full energy usage?
02:45 How long do solar panels last? Will they pay themselves off before they break?
03:16 Solar panel calculator, figure out if solar power is worth it for you
05:30 How much power does solar panels produce?
05:42 How much money can you save with solar panels?
07:01 You don’t need to live in a sunny place for solar panels to be worth it
07:46 Solar panel calculation formula explained
09:18 Solar panel calculator used on 4 real life solar power setups
12:22 Should you get solar panels or GPUs for mining? What is more profitable?
13:29 Solar panels for mining Ethereum or FLUX explained
14:24 How many GPUs can you buy instead of solar panels?
18:29 What affects profitability for mining GPUs vs solar panels?

None of the content in my videos or elsewhere is direct advice, financial or otherwise. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes. You do things at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions. Do your own research.


  1. You also need to add that if the electricity used was for mining which makes money over the cost, the panels would pay off even quicker?! Right?
    So instead of X cost per day leaving the rest as profit, it’s all profit as soon as the elec has mined the cost of the panels not the cost of the electric produced equals the cost of the panels, as cost vs profit, profit is higher, so it should be how long does it take to pay them off in crypto gains, which could be even quicker with price discovery.

  2. Keep in mind the days of sunlight differ thru out the year. Example, in May you may get 20% more than Jan. You likely need to average your solar cells and battery based on additional assumptions for use.

  3. I have an off grid solar and battery setup that I built to offset part of my homes power, and have backup during storms (I'm rural so it goes out for many hours).

    If I get a sunny day every other day then I can run my 650w mining rig off it 24/7.

    It's a fun hobby to have the miner putting the system to use.

  4. my 2021 power usage for the year was 24,175 kWh 0_0 I need like a 20,000 watt system!

  5. Good stuff. I'm sure what country you live in greatly affects whether it makes sense or not (just live EVs). I haven't gotten any actual quotes, so this is just a quick search but quotes for 8kwh seem to average around 2X what you have listed around $15k-$16k+ which makes the BE time of somewhere around 20-25 years. Certainly, there are games to be played if you can choose different power plans (where you pay a different rate at different hours) and in some states like California it might make sense when power costs are high.

    Either way, thanks for the vid!

  6. Great video. Still waiting. Solar panels get better every year. By the time you pay it off it may be obsolete. Can invest that money in pokt nodes and make more money instead without an roi. The key is getting a tax incentive or something. Or maybe write it off as a business expense? Would want a 2year roi , then maybe.

  7. Solar miner here. Best thing ever since power goes out super commonly and sometimes takes weeks to be restored. Also, at around 0.24usd/kWh is a no go, more increases to come also. Puerto Rico btw. Most data I found says 0.21 cents for residential, but current bills are billed at 0.24 cents, which is insane. Puertoricans think twice about turning on their AC's 24/7 even in tropic weather due to high electric bill.

  8. Is electricity really that cheap in US? I see multiple people putting down 0.1$ per kw/h. I have only seen such numbers 3-4 years ago

  9. My 4kWp array with a 15kWh backup keeps my consumption below the next tariff level – usage beyond 600kWh per month prices increase by 60%.

    I've got the added advantage of reliable power, we've had outages for 3 days at a time twice in the last 6 months, batteries saved the food in my fridge, kept my fish tanks alive and had a lot of jealous neighbours hehehe

    Be warned tho shortages have already begun… Businesses are gobbling up all the smaller panels.

  10. Wow! Estimated 2.5% increase yearly.
    Where I am from last year we had a 30% increase. And 22% for this year.

  11. Loving the start, intro, yourself etc, really coming along, considering solar myself 🙏 thanks

  12. Instead of getting a solar setup, i am thinking of moving next to seb and running a pigtail from his setup 😉

  13. Good luck getting 25 years out of a solar panel. If you do some research you will see most solar panels made now a days last 8-12 years at best.

  14. It will be very helpful if you go into detail as to how you are calculating how much electricity the mining is consuming in terms of wattage every 24 hours.. Very informative video thank you for uploading

  15. In UK electric and gas have doubled in price 0.60c kw/h. The devil worshippers in Government bleeding the public again.

  16. You haven't add any cost for batteries which is then most expensive part of any solar system. So how are you planning to store 12,614Kwh to power the rigs ?

  17. My father installed the solar panels and the invertor, 4kw, all for just 1600$. I was getting about 5 hours of sunlight in February in sunny days, so even in winter you can get a good output. Really promising now that the gpu prices are dropping.

  18. i'm at .16c kwh and i'm just getting a solar system set up… don't forget the cost of racks, combiners, wiring, inverter(s) and meter/boxes… i'm putting up 4k watts, the panels cost me $1680 and everything else is about $4000 and i'm doing the install myself, so i'm saving about $1500… i'm at 7000 feet so my iradiance should put me up about 115% sea level rated output… Go Solar Miners !!!!

  19. I said it before and will say it again. You are awesome and your excel sheets are pure gold. Bless you and your family. Fyi, I'm only 3 mins into the video at the time of writing this <3

  20. I live in the UAE where, depending on which calculator you use, we have between 10 and 12 hours of sunlight per day (average over the year)….but our electricity is only $0.082 – but it still makes it worthwhile

  21. Break even is about 2 years currently for a 6KW system for me since power costs in the UK are so insane.

  22. And if you look from the central european side at the price, which would be 40 cents on average, with a price tag of 16000, your Years of ROI (Return of Investment) would lower to just 3,6 years…

    If that's not worth it, then i don't know.

    So thanks that you broke that down for us.. it's most definitely a great consideration!

  23. quick tip you can upload your video with no black bars on top and bottom and youtube will ad them automatically I have ultra-wide monitored and having black bars on top is pretty annoying XOXO

  24. Numbers aside, mining with solar gets you off the grid, meaning much less risk of downtime. It also means you are free from any prying eyes who might analyze your usage and think you are growing illegal plants. We've already seen plenty of farms get raided this way. Might sound wild but it's entirely possible that in the near future governments may attempt to fight crypto by going after miners. Having your own closed power system protects you in this case as well.

  25. If your in florida and thinking about solar, you will want to jump on it now! They are passing a bill where you only sell back at half the rate you pay to get power. But if you already have a system, you keep your current agreement for 20yrs. Right now its a 1:1 ratio, next year its 1: .75, and the following year 1: .5, then its their avoided cost.

  26. I have solar. definatley dont worry about the power consumption like most. Living in Australia have plenty of sunlight. Already had solar before mining.

  27. My job is to do projects. Photovoltaic central. I look like it's another energy mining rig

  28. Depend on country but every solar panel must be legal . By solar company that can install solar safe.You pay to them and for the solar and you good to go. That is regulation you cannot install by you own solar

  29. Solar panels have +/- 20% efficiency, so its not multiplied by 0.54, 0.2 its the correct coeficient! 😀

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