1. Is this a channel for Chinese speakers to learn English partially? Interesting subject matter, but the guy is speaking like he's on sedatives, haha

  2. WOW!! Congrats to China. Hope it can allow some slack to its people and be less authoritarian. There is so much to be gained if there is less control and the people will surely soar in creativity and everything else.

  3. Much respect. Build energy parks not missiles. Let's hope the new boss doesn't act like the old boss and that China can screen out their high functioning psychopaths.

  4. Really beginning to respect the Chinese government and how they work. These are NOT fat lobby fed politicians. They are hard working and show results.

  5. Although….China = the world's leading polluter, their commie government, famous for oppressive measures. Producer of the worlds worst virus.

  6. I recognize the reality, China has changed a lot. I recognize the reality, there is only one #1. Wait, I thought was : "I recognize the reality , there is only one China". But My brother says " NO". There is only one way to vote : " vote with your feet". If people don't vote you with their feet, dont vote with your weapon. It does not work.

  7. mmm… EMF Radiation probably cause the green grass to emerge and grew so lush. The rear of voltaic panels release radiation. The shadow and the dew could feed the seeds of radiation to grow the grass so lush. I do not think I want to eat the meat from those sheep grazing under those panels in the hot sun. The sheep herder also gonna develop covid-19 from the electro-magnetic forces between the cables and the panels.

  8. Don't get me wrong I'm happy that they got that many solar panels but I have no idea what this guy's talking about I don't see no Oasis all I see is solar panels and dirt

  9. Nice CGI scene where they show the mass of sheep and the panels from above. Except ahhh.. the sheep should not be above the panels. Propaganda once again. These videos have been showing up for over a week now. MAGLEV trains (not shown actually operating).. and trees (not palm trees) growing in the dessert. REALLY? In sand? How gullible can we be.

  10. China turns its barren lands and deserts into green fertile areas. China lifted 800M people from poverty and giving them proper education. Hundred of millions of future engineers, doctors, etc are in the making. How big and strong China will be in the next 20 years is really hard to imagine.

  11. So let's install more solar panels in the Sahara, but of course some groups don't want the earth to be a better place thats why they suppressed all the inventions that make the planet healed.

  12. What? So basically grass started growing again because of the water used to wash the solar panels? Well, duh, of course grass grows if you water it. I was expecting that 609 square km of solar panels had altered the local climate so that it rains more often. I hope something was explained wrong here because this many solar panels are definitely supposed to make it rain.

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